Wednesday, February 14, 2018

WIP-It Wednesday: The Tetris Blanket (Continued)

Welcome to another WIP-It Wednesday!  My WIP this week is still the Tetris Blanket.

WIP-It Wednesday: The Tetris Blanket - Crazy Crochetin' Mama #crochet #geekcrochet #tetris
My completed gray squares, 20 in all!

I crocheted forty-eight more squares this week, finishing all the gray blocks and the orange blocks.

I pulled all of the skeins from my stash that I will need for my blue squares.  I have to make forty-four of those to fill in all the spots in the pattern, so I will start on those tomorrow, and hopefully finish them this week.  If I finish them quickly, I will move on to the black squares.
WIP-It Wednesday: The Tetris Blanket - Crazy Crochetin' Mama #crochet #geekcrochet #tetris
My completed orange squares, 28 in total.

The goal is to have this blanket done before the end of the month.

Well, that's my project for WIP-It Wednesday.  Leave links to your projects or leave a comment below.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

What's On Your Hook? - February 13, 2018

What's On Your Hook? - February 13, 2018 - Crazy Crochetin' Mama #crochet #blanket #scarf
Good morning!

What started out as a crazy-busy week turned into a stalemate here at the Crazy Crochetin' Mama.

I started out the week by working my way through the gray and the orange granny squares for my Tetris blanket.  The full update on that project is scheduled for tomorrow's WIP-It Wednesday, so I won't go into a lot of detail about it here.

I also started on a red wool scarf.  I have crocheted about sixteen inches on it, and I am hoping to finish it this week now that things have settled down.

Before I go any further, I need to explain the reason for my stalemate at the end of the week.  My oldest son had a dental emergency.  One of his baby molars chipped, exposing the nerve.  By the time I got his dental insurance from his father and found a dentist who would see him, it had become infected.  I spent most of Thursday morning on the phone with the dentist, Thursday afternoon at the dentist office with a miserable little boy.  Then Thursday evening and most of Friday was spent watching him as he came off anesthesia and making certain that the extraction site didn't start bleeding again.  (He's an easy bleeder.)

And by then, it was Saturday, and I had all four of the children at home.  I try not to work when they are home, so I left my weekend open to hang with them.

Yesterday morning, I started working on the blue squares for the Tetris blanket, and I turned my focus back to my red wool scarf during my evening crochet segment.

So, what's what has been on my hook this week.  What's on your hook?

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Pattern: Crochet Mouse Cat Toy

Free Pattern: Crochet Mouse Cat Toy - Crazy Crochetin' Mama  #crochet #cattoy #free
Crochet Mouse Cat Toy

Worsted Weight Yarn
F Hook

Chain 17.
Slip stitch back up chain towards slip knot.
At slip knot, chain 3 and slip stitch into last chain of tail to form ring.
Ch 2.  10 DC into the center of the ring.  Slip stitch ring closed.
Ch 2.  DC in base of chain 2.  2 DC in each st around.  Slip stitch round closed.
Ch 2.  DC in each stitch around.  Slip stitch closed.
Ch 2.  DC in each stitch around.  Slip stitch closed.
Ch 2.  DC in each stitch around.  Slip stitch closed.
Ch 2.  DC in each stitch around.  Slip stitch closed.
Ch 2.  DC in next 4 stitches.  DC2tog.  DC in next 4 stitches.  DC2tog.  DC in next 4 stitches.  DC2tog.  DC in 4 stitches.  Slip stitch round closed.

Adding Ears  (crochet in front loops only)
Ch 1.  In front loops,  SC, TC, TC, SC in next 4 stitches.  Slip stitch next two stitches.  SC, TC, TC, SC in next 4 stitches.  Slip stitch to next stitch.

Continuing Mouse
Ch 2.  DC around, crocheting in back loops around ears.  Slip stitch to close round.
Ch 2.  DC2tog around.  DC last stitch.  Slip stitch to close round.
Stuff mouse with stuffing and catnip.
Ch 2.  DC2tog around.  DC last stitch.  Slip stitch closed.
Ch 2.  DC2tog around.  Slip stitch closed.

Tie off and weave in ends.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

WIP-It Wednesday: The Tetris Blanket

Welcome to my first WIP-It Wednesday!  This week, I am featuring my Tetris blanket.  The idea for this blanket came from a bout of nostalgia.  The first gaming systems came out when I was a child, and my siblings and I scrimped and saved our summer farming income to buy our first Nintendo.  Tetris was one of the first three games we owned, and it was one of my favorites because I love a good puzzle.

My Tetris blanket is made up of 494 three-and-a-half inches wide crocheted squares, each one representing a block on the screen.  I have finished the red squares, yellow squares, purple squares, and the green squares.

I am working on the gray squares today, and I am hoping to finish them and the orange squares this week while I continue to work on my other projects.

I am fully expecting this project to take me another two or three weeks.

Who else has a project to share for WIP-It Wednesday?  Leave a comment below!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

What's On Your Hook? - February 6

What's On Your Hook? - Crazy Crochetin' Mama #crochet #knitting #whatsonyourhook
Hello, everyone!  It's a new week here at Crazy Crochetin' Mama, and I have several projects on the hook and on my needles.  All of them are rollover projects from the previous week (or two) (or a whole year! -- long story).

I am hoping to complete the Taegan Shawl this week.  I began it while I was well in early January, then I came down with the cold that my children brought home from school.  I put the project aside until I felt better.  I don't like having incomplete projects hovering over me, so finishing it this week is my top priority.

My next project in my Green Knit Shawl.  It is a project that I am writing the pattern for as I go, so it is taking me a while.  I am trying a new set of stitches, and if I don't like the way they work up, I have to frog it and work my way back to where I was.  I am hoping to make more headway this week.

The third project on my list is a Yellow Toy Basket, which is intended for personal use.  My middle son has a large collection of mega blocks, and it has been hard trying to find a container to hold them all.  So, I am making him one by crocheting around a length of rope.  My tension changed at some point, however, so I am going to have to frog it back to a certain point and start over.

My fourth project is the project that has been around for a long time.  I actually began working on the Tetris Blanket in 2010, but I had to put it aside when the children were born and really small.  I simply didn't have the time to work on it.  And at some point, it was packed up and put away, and I misplaced it.  I found it over Christmas when I was cleaning more of my ex-husband's belongings out of the house, so I will be taking stock of what i have done on that blanket this week and begin working on new squares.

The final project is a recent one I began.  I call it the Roadway Play Blanket.  I am crocheting granny squares that look like grassy patches that are surrounded by sidewalk and half a road.  I'm hoping the kids enjoy it once I have finished it.  It it works up like I want it to and if it holds up to my kids playing on it, I will be making a second one for my shop.

So, that is what I have on my hooks and needles this week.  What are you working on?  Leave a comment below.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Pattern: Simple Knitted Headband

Simple Knitted Headband

Worsted Yarn
Size 6 (4mm) DPNs
Tapestry Needle

Knowledge Needed:
Yarn Overs
Knit 2 Together (K2tog)
All Sl-st are done purl-wise


Starting I-cord:
Cast on 3 stitches.
Knit I-cord for approximately 5-6 inches.
Starting Headband:
Row 1: Top 3 stitches of I-cord
Row 2: Sl-st p-wise, knit across
Row 3: Sl-st, YO, K, YO, K
Row 4: Sl-st, knit across
Row 5: Sl-st, K, YO, K, YO, K2
Row 6: Sl-st, knit across
Row 7: Sl-st, K, YO, K3, YO, K2
Row 8: Sl-st, knit across
Row 9: Sl-st, K, YO, K5, YO, K2
Row 10: Sl-st, knit across
Row 11: Sl-st, K, YO, K7, YO, K2
Row 12: Sl-st, knit across

(Continue Row 12 until the headband is approximately 2 inches short of head circumference to tie-off) Row 1 after length if reached: Sl-st, K2tog, YO, K7, YO, K2tog, K
Row 2: Sl-st, K2tog, K7, K2tog, K
Row 3: Sl-st, knit across
Row 4: Sl-st, K2tog, YO, K5, YO, K2tog, K
Row 5: Sl-st, K2tog, K5, K2tog, K
Row 6: Sl-st, knit across
Row 7: Sl-st, K2tog, YO, K3, YO, K2tog, K
Row 8: Sl-st, K2tog, K3, K2tog, K
Row 9: K2tog, K3tog, K2tog

Starting I-cord:
Knit I-cord for approximately 5-6 inches.
Weave in ends. Add decorations.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Weekly Round-Up: Saturday, February 3, 2017

I wanted to have this post scheduled and ready to go this morning, and I also wanted it to include a lot of newly-finished projects with photos and all the trimmings, but I don't see that happening this week.

We are all sick.  Thank goodness, it isn't the flu, but when you are a single mom with four kids under the age of nine that need taking care of because they are all sick as well, crocheting and knitting and pictures just take the back-burner.  

I'm certain that you understand.

I did finish a child's lilac and light pink beanie with a pom-pom on Monday, but that is the only project that I managed to remove from my hooks this week.  I haven't woven in the ends yet.  It's just been too hectic.

Hopefully, I will have more to share next week.