Wednesday, February 7, 2018

WIP-It Wednesday: The Tetris Blanket

Welcome to my first WIP-It Wednesday!  This week, I am featuring my Tetris blanket.  The idea for this blanket came from a bout of nostalgia.  The first gaming systems came out when I was a child, and my siblings and I scrimped and saved our summer farming income to buy our first Nintendo.  Tetris was one of the first three games we owned, and it was one of my favorites because I love a good puzzle.

My Tetris blanket is made up of 494 three-and-a-half inches wide crocheted squares, each one representing a block on the screen.  I have finished the red squares, yellow squares, purple squares, and the green squares.

I am working on the gray squares today, and I am hoping to finish them and the orange squares this week while I continue to work on my other projects.

I am fully expecting this project to take me another two or three weeks.

Who else has a project to share for WIP-It Wednesday?  Leave a comment below!

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